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Monday, October 4th, 2004
8:00 pm
everything in my life has become wonderful once more.

my 'best week ever' (starting last sunday) was supposed to be filled with gigs. it ended up crap, with Eskimo Joe cancelling, which meant no Little Birdy or Red Jez, and being too sick to go to Gyroscope, but i still had a pretty darn good time, thanks to the Little Birdy instore. They blow me away every time i see them, yesterday was no exception. i went with tamara and rachel, it was mara's first gig. too funny. she was nervous as hell for some reason, but i was very proud. rachel continued to just be weird though.

we also made friends with a few people. We lined up for 2 hours, and were the only ones there for quite a while, so this dude came and sat next to us by himself. rachel, being the person she is, had to start a conversation with him. his name is tom, hes cool. we found out he'd never been into Crazy Clark's before, so we took him afterwards hehehe. twas fun

a guy walked past us with a very cool little birdy shirt on, which we commented on, so he stopped and started talking to us, and ended up using us for our place in the line. His name was Ben, and he was there by himself. he was a tad spunky, but i'm not allowed to say that.

rachel and i went into the royal show afterwards, so i could get my lift home, and saw Ben working there. he remembered us and intorduced us to the guy on the loudspeaker. that was interesting...

so yes, that was yesterday

today i spent the day with Sam. He was sick :( i hate seeing him so sick. i just want to cuddle him, which will make me sick too

it was a good day though, considering he was dead

tomorrow sam, mel, david and me are going to the royal show, then im staying at mels after

then wedesnday im staying overnight at sams so we can go to this albany day trip thing on thursday (leaving at 4:30am) and then staying there again thursday night, seeing as we come back at midnight. innocent, i swear

so thats my next few days. should be good

current mood: cheerful

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004
8:07 pm
Im sick

*insert vomiting here*

i shouldn't have gone out today, but i went to Sams to wath the grand final. I was fine up until about 3, then i just went into full-on sick mode. Couldn't walk properly, sick in the stomach, bad bad bad headache, the usual

I've been off school for a day and a half, which is a lot for a nerd like me. Yes, im a nerd. But meh.

I'm seeing Gyroscope tomorrow. I know i shouldnt go out, too sick, but Kyle, Angie and Trish wont have a blue what to do without me, they're funny and lame, but funny-lame, not lame-lame.

See, I make no sense

That is all

current mood: sick

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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
9:06 pm - its ok to be sad when it rains

with the good comes the bad i guess...

yesterday was one of the best days of my life. sam came over, because we had a day off school, and it was just awesome. i love him so much its crazy! he's so nice, and so awesome, and just made my day great.

then the bad...

My best friend, who i thought would always be there, is not talking to me. it seems like none of the group are talking to me. well, i know some are, but i still get icy receptions. i've heard along the grapevine that its because she's sick of me spending time with sam. i'm going to defend myself in saying that every time i go back to the 'gazebo', nobody's there, and if anyone is there, they dont make me feel welcome, so why should i stay there if i had being there. if they all remember correctly, i was trying to leave that group because i was sick of all the bitching going on (i hate girls), and wanted to get away from it. she didnt try to stop me or care then.

i dont think she's been comfortable around me ever since i got together with sam. i feel like i cant go to her, to tell her all the exciting details, of a time where im supposed to be happy. its almost like she wishes i wasnt happy. she doesnt remember that i was in a pool of depression before him, and hated everything about myself and the world. she never tried to help me in anything, or make me feel like i could talk to her. same as shes doing now.
people always say me and trish will sort everything out, all the time, but i dont know. i mean, we will eventually, she's supposed to be coming out with us tomorrow night to a meeting thingy, but this time, its weird...

i hate not talking to her.

current mood: distressed

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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
9:34 pm - forever and a day
the last week has flown by!

schools been alright. not as hard as usual. wrote a killer essay yesterday. i swear, best essay i've ever written. so powerful and... good. except i wont get high marks because i kinda wrote about everything except what the question asked.

sam's been awesome. im so happy. i went to his house today. we watched a scary movie. he likes to see me scared. what a bitch. we also went shopping and got him a hot shirt, but he doesnt think its hot. after shopping, we just hung around at his house and mucked around. twas fun

oh, and i may have got my break as a photographer. reverb magazine want me to do some promo shots for some bands, and some other assignments. methinks i shall be taking this up...

ok, so im going on the school trip to New Zealand next year, i've decided. i wasnt looking forward to it as much when it was me, lexie, mara and sarah, because i knew i'd be the left out one, because im not really much like them. but now trish is coming, so im over the moon. its our english group and sarah, and everyone knows how much i think my english group rocks. we laugh at the stupidest things. thats the only reason i dont hate english. its my favourite class, seating-plan-wise.

so yes, all is fine and dandy in the world of chloe.

current mood: bouncy

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
9:48 pm - you're beautiful to me
Yesterday was perfect.

I went to the zoo with Sam, and everything was just.... great. nothing went wrong, everything was perfect. i had the best day.

He held me the whole time, and made me feel so safe and loved. I made him smile, which he never does, so i felt special. I grabbed his hand and made him run down the hill being an aeroplane with me. quite funny.

i didnt want to leave him, and didnt care that i was an hour late back.

it could have been a totally perfect weekend, except for the fact that Freo let me down. i think deep down i knew that they were gonna lose. ah well

the dude behind me in the cheersquad officially rocks. He gave Matera so much. it was worth styaing til the end, facing the eagles fans, just to hear the abuse hurled at little Phil.

among my favoutites:

loud, drunk guy: 'Hey Midget! You're SHORT!'
cheersquad: hahaha
matera: *flinches*

loud drunk guy: Hey midget! who's gonna be pickin up the soap for you tonight?

loud drunk guy: You suck Cox!
Cheersquad: hahaha
loud drunk guy: haha i didnt even realise i was saying that

good times had by all

current mood: pleased

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Friday, August 20th, 2004
9:22 pm - these walls are listening
had an excursion today, to the maritime museum. yay.

we spent as much time at maccas as we did there though. so educational

i've never realised exactly how many weird people walk into the freo maccas before. we assumed trish was sleeping with all of these, leading to much ridicule. so funny.

im going somewhere with sam tomorrow, not too sure where. i think the zoo :D
i love the zoo hehehe

derby on sunday. go freo go. our cheering better pay off!

current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
5:05 pm - life is better with you
he loooooves meeeee

thats all that counts.

im his official better half now.

its so funny, because we're so awkward around eachother. teeheehee

went to the shops with trish after school (shes dyed her hair ranga, in an attempt to become more like me as far as im concernced).i wanted to go, and wanted her to come with me, so i said i'd buy her a shake. hehehe trish never refuses a bribe like that. we started walking and it was slightly sprinkling with rain, and we got halfway, no turning back, with no shelter, when it started absolutely pissing down. so funny. we got soaked, and then we just decided to dance in the rain. we're strange, but it was fun.

chose my subjects for next year, today. the year12 co-ordinator officially loves me. i dont know if thats good or bad.

im off to watch my you am i dvd now...

current mood: loved

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
9:41 pm
i've decided to start my journal over again

no more super long posts, just simple ones, and not always whiney.

so yeah, sam is good. hes got his act u together which is great, and its all working out well.

school is alright, im sick now though. thanks to being in 3 degree temperatures screaming at the top of my lungs on friday night.

i choose my subjects for year11 next week

im going for
Inro Calc
TEE English


thats all

current mood: crazy

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Saturday, July 31st, 2004
9:15 pm - There's a suject we all talk about

well, today was crap. being hormonal and being around depressing people doesnt mix

but away from that.

i think im getting in too deep with sam. im back do doing my whole 'should i shouldnt i' thing. do i really like him? or am i only doing it to be loved?

hmm he's gonna be another daniel. they're exactly the same except for the fact sam's easier on the eyes. i'll get in a few weeks, and then i'll start picking faults, and then i'll be a wuss and find some pathetic excuse to end it. im a bitch. i dont want to hurt him so i dont know if i should end it before it begins a second time... why am i so horrible? bah, i just am. i hate myself for this crap

im the most mood-swinging person ever. if i were someone else, i'd hate me. the worst thing is that i think i may be liking someone i shouldnt. i dont know. i hope its just a phase. but then again, everything is a phase with me.

everyone should go to punxbuble, its hilarious. gee, he sounds so hardcore. i wish he was my friend. *rolls eyes*</span>

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current mood: blah

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
8:05 pm - here your life will stand still
wow. long time no see

a lot has happened. dont know what my last entry was. i guess i'll fill you in on the last couple of months..

i think the last entry was in depressed-chloe stage. i was a depressed, suicidal bitch. nobody knew, of course, because i put on my brave face, but people could see i was different.

this went on for about a month to a month and a half.

so yeah, this was all because of a certain individual who made my life hell and made decisions to benefit her that she knew would totally end our friendship. bitch.

this looked like it was going to go on forever. i hated myself, and knew other people were getting pissed at how i was. then came Sam.

Sam was/is my saviour. He brought me out of the hole that i was in. its funny, i knew his face, never knew him. Met properly via the aforementioned bitch, and never looked back....

I've never had a guy friend who i feel this comfortable with before. i can talk to him about anything and know he wont judge me, and vice versa. I feel 100% better when i was talking to him, and he made me feel happy for the first time in months. then i fell for him...

bad. i know.

so i tell someone. cant remember who. but eventually it got around his group. i dont know if he knew, but all his mates were telling me he was in love with me.

i visited him every break we had at school. he's not good with girls of any kind, friends or otherwise, and not a hugging person. i made him into one. I made him hug me, and he started to hug other people to. only a few, but others. Then his best mate tells me that of all the people he's hugged, they can all tell he hugs me with a lot of feeling. this made me feel good.

so yeah, last day of term, after school, i could tell something was up with him. he was all awkward and i asked him to tell me what was up, with no bullshit. he comes straight out and says he loves me. i freaked and backed away. i bullshitted and told him i had to go somewhere and left.

so i had the weekend to think. i was being crazy. but then the next day, who should turn up to where i was but Jack. i was beyond obsessed with Jack (who coincidentally has a twin caled Sam) just before this Sam. Just the sight of him kinda threw everything out of balance. Feelings came rushing back, and i knew i couldnt be with Sam if i had feelings for Jack. Also, i tend to get bored easily and i knew it would happen with him, and didnt want to hurt him.

I eventually bullshitted my way out of things with Sam and ended things before they began. it was really awkward at first, but kept getting better.

so now, two weeks later, i saw sam again. He's being more awesome than usual, and i'm feeling everything i used to feel, but only the positives. I know i've blown my chance with him... but we'll see what happens...

current mood: contemplative

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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
11:07 pm - wow
so much has happened

i've been through a month of depression. before about 3 days ago, i couldnt remember the last time i was happy.

i hated the world and everyone in it. well, pretty much everyone.

except for some. if you're thinkin its u, chances are it is u, because everyone knows when im pissed at them. therefore if u know im not, then i love you

that was useless rambling.

to be continued, due to lack of internet time.

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
9:10 pm - breaking up is hard to do

so we're breaking up.

well, im breaking up with him. he doesnt know this yet.

im sick of him. im finding myself going the long way around school to avoid him.

im finding the little things he does annoying.

he's too sensitive. and that's gonna make breaking up with him harder.

i dont know what to say or do. he thinks everything's ok. its not

we have nothing in common. he's not.... well..... HIM (him being the person i used to be in love with). HE was everything i wanted in a guy. daniel is the total opposite to HIM in every way.

*sigh* what to do...

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Friday, April 30th, 2004
8:15 pm - i just dont know what to do with myself
hmmm so today was our first official fight

he started abusing rachel for no apparent reason, i told him to stop, he wouldnt, he kept going. i told him he was an idiot and walked off, to follow rachel. She was upset, but didnt show it, and i was realy angry at him. fair enough it she did something to provoke him, but she didnt. she was standing up for me, so i stood up for her in return.

i went to the library with her, and left him at the gazebo. i came back about 3 minutes before the end of lunch, but his friends told me 'f@&% off, he doesnt want you', so i went and stood with my other friends.

the bell went, and he walked off straight away. i saw him go over to my friend and start having a bitch. they came up to me and said 'why are you gonna dump him?' this was the first i'd heard of it.

so yeah i had my classes, and my last one of the day happened to be RIGHT next to his locker. i watched him put his stuff away after school, then walk off. i got let out, then walked about 20m behind him. i saw that he went to my locker, but i wasnt there, so he'd walk off. i cut him off.

he walked with me. we didnt say anything. i got to my locker and he apologized. he was really cut up about it, but so was i. we hugged, i told him everything was ok. now he just has to apologize to rachel...

so now we're cool. well, no, we're not. he thinks we are, but we're far from it. hes online right now... we're not talking. thats how cool we are with eachother...

but now onto happier things.... ESKIMO JOE! 16 days til A Song Is A City is released. it is seriously one of the best albums i've heard.... although i've only heard the album sampler...

it's so good though! 'older than you' is my new favourite. not as good as 'wake up' though, that song rocks. it seriously is my all time favourite song.


well, im going now.


current mood: aggravated

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Friday, April 16th, 2004
9:17 pm - dont change a thing for me
wow... i keep forgetting about this...

nothing excitings happening, really. same old same old.

daniels still awesome. he's too good to me. *sigh* i love him
we went to the races on monday. i looked sexy... not being up myself or anything...

fridays our one month anniversary... but hey, its not like im counting

rachel, lewis and i went to the city on wednesday. we went to r-max and saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. 'twas fun. we were popcorn... nobody will understand that, but hye, its not like anyone reads this.

we played the dance machine in timezone... rachel and i were on it and lewis pulled the plug, making it go boom. we ran out, then came back in again, saying it broke by itself and got a free game lol

then, we gave lewis and insight to the perth music scene. we took him to Spin at the WA Museum, it was funky. i spent much time in the booths while he read the bios and stuff. i see myself spending a lot more time in there over the holidays...

current mood: tired

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
9:14 pm - All I know is you're never impressed by me

Oh god.

Best weekend ever.

Saturday... Caught the train into the city with Rob, walked to 78s, saw Kelly, went upstairs. Listened to Eskimo Joe warm up. Oh god, so good. i got tingles. i forgot how much i missed them. I had to laugh when they sang "aahh life is better with Stu'. funny stuff.

So we sat down and got ready, and the Joe played an AMAZING set. It was so good. I loved hearing all the new stuff acoustic. It was great.

So we watched the gig, then got all the signing done. Stu thought i was poops, off the forum. They signed my shirt and single, and kelly's big wad, which took 10 minutes.

After that, Rob, Sam, Rochelle, Cam (i think that was his name) Claire and I all bummed around the city, got lunch, blah blah blah, then Claire, Sam, Rob and I went to Ryans house to get Sams car. Ryans so awesome, Sam's done well! I hope they get their act together soon...
Then we drove to Sam and Rob's house, i slept over, and ROb made me watch 2 hours of wrestling! not happy hehehe

Sunday, we drove to YAC it up. We walked around for a while, then just before the Avenues set, we got up the front, ready for Eskimo Joe. Sure, it was 4 bands away, but we're dedicated! We watched The Avenues, Grand Central and Little Birdy - all amazing - and then literall 5 minutes before Eskimo Joe took the stage, some dickhead crowd-surfer came crashing down on Sammy and bashed her head into the barricade! She had a big egg between her eyes (which contrary to her belief, i couldnt see until she pointed it out), and didnt enjoy the show. I felt so bad for her!

Besides Sam's accident, Eskimo Joe were amazing. Crowd surfers had the potential to wreck it, but i tried not to let ANYTHING bother me during their set. It was so good. I heard all the 'real' versions of their new stuff, but i have to say i like the acoustic version of This Room better, for sure.

It was an amazing show, and then Kelly got me Kav's (?) setlist. i was excited! but then some random crappy chick a few people over tried to grab it and rip it in half. i slapped her away. mwahahaha

Monday, i had the day off school. Melissa and I went to Westfield Carousel to shop for her trip. She leaves for Italy on Thursday. I'm going to miss her so much! i dont know if i'll survive without her here. i need her! she's my advice person! she figures everything out for me! and Trish is leaving next week for Adelaide/Melbourne. She'll be gone for 2/3 weeks. I'm going to have nobody. Except Daniel... thats another story.

So Carousel was fun. we seriously spent $50 between us on food, i swear. we never stopped eating all day. it was so much fun though!

Today, i went to watch Daniels band play. Well, when i say band, i mean more like 2 of their band, and one crazy guy that did nothing. And when i say play, more like them just playing random songs and not rehearsing like they were supposed to be. apparently i was a 'distraction' according to Miss King.

I love Daniel. he's amazing. He's so good to me. He's such a sweetie. He was so convinced i was bored out of my brains today, but i really wasnt. He said that me being depressed was making him depressed, but i wasnt!!! i did have fun... i think. hehehe
It was good though. he met my folks. my mum likes him. i'm so glad my dads phone rang as soon as we got to my car. saved by the bell.

Well, off to watch Rove now


current mood: loved

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Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
6:06 pm - run, life is going on all around you
ok, so he got his act together yesterday. awkward, maybe, but still good.

today i felt like poo nuggets on toast. not felt like, as in felt like to eat, but felt like as in i felt crap.... bugger that, it makes no sense

i felt sick today.

much better

i was sick all day, and was a bisnitch to daniel (the dude). but he still loves me, it's all fine and dandy. tomorrow i'll be better... i hope.

do you know how annoying it is to have someone read over your shoulder as you type? i do. i'm at trishs house. she thinks its funny. but its not. :|

i'll leave it there

current mood: sick

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Friday, March 19th, 2004
8:48 pm - I should've know with you
Ok, so tomorrow I'm seeing Little Birdy and Bomba with Melissa, not Rob. Rob has a mysterious case of the Flu and can't go. what a moose! I cant wait though, mel and i always have awesome girly chats.

Ok, so i said my feelings wouldn't change, but they have...

I'm now seriously considering this new guy. In fact, I'm seriously starting to obsess over this new guy. The more i talk to him, the more awesome he seems. The dude i was loving before has sort of made me think. I mean, hes one of my best mates, and he's showing no interest in me. as far as i know, he's crazy about some other girl (thats a fact, actually). So, why waste my time? i'm prefectly happy being his mate. More than happy. We have awesome fun together just as mates, and i dont want to change that. But there's no point in hanging around waiting for him when he has no interest, so i may aswell give this new guy a shot. I mean, what've i got to lose?

current mood: hopeful

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Thursday, March 18th, 2004
8:57 pm - shoobeedoo
Well, boring as usual...

Early close today at school. fun fun fun

im really confused at the moment.

i've just found out that an unnamed guy (Mr X, lets call him) apparently likes me, and i think he's awesome and everything, and used to like him, and would go out with him in a second if it werent for *him*. That him is the one im liking more and more each day. I swear i will marry this guy, hes just so awesome. There is only one guy (the one that rejected me before) that could put me off this current guy (the amazing one), but other than that, i cant see myself stopping liking this guy for a looong time. So yeah, i know Mr X would be so awesome, and would treat me really well (he's just that kind of guy), and i'd love to give him a chance, but i really am happy liking this other guy, and i know that if i did give Mr X a chance, i probably wouldn't end up liking him and would only be thinking about this other guy. I'm so confused...
both guys are just so awesome.


in other news...

rock-it was on sunday. bloody amazing. pacifier rocked! i wanna see them live again! blink182 were no-shows. bodyjar were, again, awesome. hehehe the flairz! they were so cute! you have to see them to believe it.

I see Little Birdy and Bomba on Saturday with Rob... awesome :D
i cant wait to see them again!

well, better be going...

current mood: peaceful

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
6:34 pm - Now the rain is falling...
oh how i love that song. Little Birdy are amazing. I'm seeing them next saturday, and the sunday after that.

March is a month of gigs for me. i usually go to 1 or 2 a month, and now i have...
Sunday 14th - Rock-it
Saturday 20th - Little Birdy + Bomba - Joondalup Festival
Saturday 27th - Eskimo Joe Instore
Sunday 28th - Eskimo Joe + Little Birdy + Grand Central - YAC It Up

thats one a weekend (and 2 Eskimo Joe!!!!!!) i'm very excited!

Tomorrow is Mel's birthday - Happy Birthday dude! i can't wait til she see's the present i got her! Saturday night's her party, i think Robs coming with me then sleeping over after so we can go to Rock-it the next morning.

Boring entry... i know... but at least its something


current mood: creative

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Monday, March 8th, 2004
9:52 pm - I'm back...
Wow... long time, no entry!

how long's it been, like a year??

so much has happened that i cant remember it all to write down.

I know nobody reads this, but its good to get everything out there. Maybe someone will come along one day and read it...

What have i been up to lately?

I went to Freo with Robbie... that was so fun! We always have an awesome time in Freo. He's my subject for my photography assignment... very cool hehe

Melissa's birthday on Thursday. i'm giving her my mystery present which cannot be mentioned on here in the slight chance the finds this lj before then. She'll love it though.

I'm torn between two guys... I'm madly in love with one. He makes me feel so good whenever im with him. He's so perfect in every way. The other one rejected me, but i cant quite seem to get over him... he's awesome too. If it came down to crunch-time though, I'd choose the first... no question

well, I'm tired. Must be off to bed...

current mood: happy

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